Landscape Construction

5 BIG reasons to select us to build your landscape!

  1. Our skilled landscape crews are expert in bringing your plan to reality. Our landscape technicians have been building landscapes in the Bear Lake Valley for many years. They know how to make a landscape look good. They know how to create a high-quality landscape that we feel comfortable guaranteeing!
  2. We use time-tested materials and methods to build your landscape so that your investment will be easy to maintain and beautiful to look at. We have been landscaping since 1970, so we have learned that a high-quality landscape is actually less expensive in the long-run than a job done with cheap materials and workmanship. We spend a fair amount of our time repairing and problem solving our competitors' work, so we really know what works and what doesn't for your Bear Lake landscape.
  3. We work and live here in the valley so it's important to us to do high-quality work! We want our friends and neighbors to be happy about the quality of our work so that we can continue to live and work in this beautiful valley! We guarantee our work and we will be around to put things right should there be a problem with any aspect of our work.
  4. We offer design and build options that work for any type of taste and budget. Whether you want the best money has to buy, and have the time for a premium project, or you just need a couple trees, shrubs, and some grass seed, we have the designer and construction crew to handle the job.
  5. As a full-service landscape company, we don't go away once the construction phase is over. We have skilled maintenance crews to keep your grass mowed, your weeds controlled, and snow plowed so that when you come to the lake, you don't have to spend your whole weekend working in the yard!