Premier Maintenance Service

Our Premier Maintenance Service is designed to keep your landscape looking awesome year after year. With your outdoor desires in mind, we develop a 3 year rotating plan that will cover all of your outdoor recreation area. Each year the plan will be reviewed and any necessary adjustments made and a new three year plan set in place. In this way your landscape will always look fresh and beautiful.

Why is this service helpful to you?
After time, plants become overgrown and messy looking, bark becomes sun bleached, and drip systems need repair. The Premier Maintenance service will make maintenance easier and more efficient and you will have a more beautiful outdoor space.

How does it work?

  1. We set up a free 30-minute Consultation (CLICK HERE) to discuss your goals and plans for your landscape moving forward, whether it is new or well established.
  2. We create a three year plan broken down into three sections or needs. Each section will be the focus of one year.
  3. A design or plan will be built around your properties needs. On newly installed landscapes our focus will be more general upkeep.
  4. After development of the Premier Maintenance Service, we begin implementation of year one. Things likely included are:
    1. Tearing out old weed barrier and mulch
    2. Cutting back or tearing out old and overgrown plant material
      Amending the soil
    3. Planting a variety of new plants and shrubs
    4. Inspecting the watering systems and make sure they are functioning properly
      Add new weed barrier if you want it. (We do not recommend weed barrier, it can cause more headaches than it solves.)
      Bringing in new mulch for all of it or to top dress the top.
  5. While our primary attention will be on the designated area for that year, we'll also address needed maintenance in other parts of your property to ensure comprehensive upkeep.
  6. At the end of the season we review and plan for next year's section.
  7. We meet with you to review the Premier Maintenance Service and make a new three year plan. Year two becomes year one and so we move into the future.

What is the cost?

The cost will be tailored to your needs. After our Consultation, a written and detailed proposal will be prepared and there is often the need for a detailed design. Proposals and designs, help us make sure we are meeting your expectations. A design will normally be for the projects that are bigger such as a garden bed overhaul, while a detailed proposal can be for a job as simple as deadheading your flowers once a week. The proposal will have the cost of the entire 3 year Premier Maintenance Service with the cost of each year itemized. This is to help you plan and budget for long term success. The cost each year is likely to be different because each year the focus of the landscape will be different.

When you agree to the Premier Maintenance Service, we will invoice you for the current or upcoming season of the proposal. We will send 7 equal invoices April through October, which invoices will be the total annual Premier Maintenance Service cost divided by 7. A one time payment in full can also be made by April 1st or when the proposal is agreed upon.

Our Goal
We want to collaborate with you to keep your landscape flourishing and happy year after year, so that after 10 years or more it doesn’t need a complete change. This will make the changes smaller and more cost effective for you while keeping your place looking spectacular. We want you to be able to come up to your cabin and enjoy your outdoor space.

Contact us at 435-670-3074 for a quote on your next landscaping project and let Bear Lake Landscape Inc give you the best Maintenance Service possible.