Landscape Maintenance

Our landscape maintenance services include mowing, gardening, sprinkler repair, pest control, and weed control. To request a service, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

1. Mow

Our crews visit your lawn once weekly to mow, trim, and blow. Because our crews are skilled and our equipment is top-notch, we leave your place looking great! We also offer grass pick up, or if you prefer, we discount the price for those wanting the grass clippings left in place. The over all health of your lawn is enhanced by leaving the clippings in place as they become a natural fertilizer while breaking down. Call us at 435-760-3074 for an estimate!


2. Garden

Our gardeners visit your yard weekly, bi-weekly, or once monthly to plant flowers and shrubs, remove weeds, trim shrubs and small trees, install mulch to flower and shrub beds and around trees. Our three-technician crew costs $210 per hour, and a harder working, better gardening crew you won't find anywhere! Call us at 435-760-3074 to schedule our garden crew.


3. Sprinkler Repair

Every sprinkler system needs maintenance. Our repair crews are professionally trained, and can get your sprinkler system back up and running! Need to add anther zone or drip lines? We can do that too! Call us at 435-760-3074 to schedule your sprinkler repair today.


4. Pest Control

Critters can do serious damage to your property! We can help! Call 435-670-3074 to schedule your pest control service. We can remove dead deer, control rodents, trap and relocate critters, and more.


5. Weed Control

Weeds can create havoc in your yard! We recommend chemical-free solutions to your weeds such as trimming or mowing by our mowing crew, manual removal by our garden crew, or covering with a black weed barrier for a season. For these and other solutions, call us at 435-760-3074.